Plugin details
Name Site Export Plugin
Author i-net software / Gerry Weißbach
Description Export your site or a namespace to standalone HTML pages – including images and media. This plugin is capable of creating an Eclipse Plugin help including the context.xml. You can also select the template to which you want to export your content
Translations 8
Tags eclipse, export, html, template
Popularity score 394
Git clone URL
Branch master
English read‑only No
Last git update 01/07/2024
State Active.
Error count 3

Updating of the English base translation is paused, because three times errors occurred during updating of the source code or processing of the submitted translations. The plugin author could check the sent email for the error messages, check the above settings or get in contact via forum, mailing list or issue tracker.

If the reported issue is solved, you can request below a one-time edit. Saving that form will reset the error count, after which the tool will try to update again.

Request One-time Edit

For modifying the e-mail, git clone URL, branch or English read-only setting, or resetting the error count you have to request a one-time edit URL. This URL is sent to the earlier provided e-mail address.