The DokuWiki translation tool allows you to add your DokuWiki template to be translated by end users. Everybody will be able to use this tool and create a translation of your template.
After adding your template you will receive translations as git patch via email or as GitHub pull request.

  • Your template needs to be available in a public Git repository
  • Your template has to be listed on the official template list
  • The repository clone URL must start with ssh://, https:// or git://. Unfortunately not accepted: git@.... The URL ends normally with .git
  • The template name is the name of your template folder (lower case, no special chars)
  • If Readonly, submitting the English translations via this tool is disabled.
  • It needs to use the DokuWiki localization functions with the following limitations:
    • No use of nested arrays in the $lang array except for the js sub array
    • No code execution in your language files
    • Only single line array value assignments
    • Comments will be removed automatically in translations