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WARNING: It seems your data directory is not properly secured. Please read about <a href="">Web Access Security in DokuWiki</a>.
Authentication Token
Reset Token
The Authentication Token can be used to let 3rd party applications to log in and act on your behalf. Resetting the token will invalidate the old one and log out all applications that used the previous token.
List of allowed file extensions
Unknown date
Removed %s from subscription list for %s
Error removing %s from subscription list for %s
%s is already subscribed to %s
%s is not subscribed to %s
You are currently not subscribed to the current page or namespace.
Add subscription
Current subscriptions
email on every change
digest email of changes for each page (every %.2f days)
list of changed pages since last email (every %.2f days)
It has been disabled by your provider.
<b>Note:</b> The PHP mail function is not available. %s If it remains unavailable, you may install the <a href="">smtp plugin</a>.
mbstring.func_overload must be disabled in php.ini to run DokuWiki.
DokuWiki cannot create cryptographically secure numbers for cookies. You may want to check your open_basedir settings in php.ini for proper <code>/dev/urandom</code> access.
unrecognised or modified dokuwiki.php (hash=<code>%s</code>)
<code>%s</code> - illegal or empty value
The configuration was finished successfully. You may delete the install.php file now. Continue to <a href="doku.php?id=wiki:welcome">your new DokuWiki</a>.
Some errors occurred while writing the configuration files. You may need to fix them manually before you can use <a href="doku.php?id=wiki:welcome">your new DokuWiki</a>.
Allow users to register themselves
Please choose the license you want to put your content under:
Do not show any license information
Please, help us to improve the DokuWiki experience:
Once a month, send anonymous usage data to the DokuWiki developers
You're currently watching the changes inside the <b>%s</b> namespace. You can also <a href="%s">view the recent changes of the whole wiki</a>.
Your change was not saved because it contains blocked text (spam).
Choose namespace
Files in %s
Upload to %s
Search in %s
%s at %s
Edit %s
History of %s
metadata edited
Sorry, you don't have enough rights to read files.
Sorry, you don't have enough rights to upload files.
Upload new version
Restore this version
This list might not be complete due to ACL restrictions and hidden pages.
PHP mail() missing or disabled. The following email was not sent:
Current namespace
Search Result
Plain HTML
Wiki Markup
Page did not exist at %s. It was subsequently created at <a href="%s">%s</a>.
Unable to parse at parameter "%s".
Log file too large. Previous lines skipped!
Failed to open log file.
An error occurred while reading the log.
======= This page does not exist anymore ====== You've followed a link to a page that no longer exists. You can check the list of **Old revisions** to see when and why it was deleted, access old revisions or restore it. DokuWiki markup allowed
====== Set new password ====== Please enter a new password for your account in this wiki. DokuWiki markup allowed
# This is a list of words the indexer ignores, one word per line # When you edit this file be sure to use UNIX line endings (single newline) # No need to include words shorter than 3 chars - these are ignored anyway # This list is based upon the ones found at about are as an and you your them their com for from into if in is it how of on or that the this to was what when where who will with und the www DokuWiki markup allowed
Hello! The page @PAGE@ in the @TITLE@ wiki changed. Here are the changes: -------------------------------------------------------- @DIFF@ -------------------------------------------------------- Old Revision: @OLDPAGE@ New Revision: @NEWPAGE@ To cancel the page notifications, log into the wiki at @DOKUWIKIURL@ then visit @SUBSCRIBE@ and unsubscribe page and/or namespace changes. DokuWiki markup allowed
====== Subscription Management ====== This page allows you to manage your subscriptions for the current page and namespace. DokuWiki markup allowed
Hello! Pages in the namespace @PAGE@ of the @TITLE@ wiki changed. Here are the changed pages: -------------------------------------------------------- @DIFF@ -------------------------------------------------------- To cancel the page notifications, log into the wiki at @DOKUWIKIURL@ then visit @SUBSCRIBE@ and unsubscribe page and/or namespace changes. DokuWiki markup allowed
Hello! The page @PAGE@ in the @TITLE@ wiki changed. Here are the changes: -------------------------------------------------------- @DIFF@ -------------------------------------------------------- User : @USER@ Edit Summary : @SUMMARY@ Old Revision : @OLDPAGE@ New Revision : @NEWPAGE@ Date of New Revision: @DATE@ To cancel the page notifications, log into the wiki at @DOKUWIKIURL@ then visit @SUBSCRIBE@ and unsubscribe page and/or namespace changes. DokuWiki markup allowed
User <b class="acluser">%s</b> currently has the following permissions on page <b class="aclpage">%s</b>: <i>%s</i>.
User <b class="acluser">%s</b> currently has the following permissions in namespace <b class="aclns">%s</b>: <i>%s</i>.
Members of group <b class="aclgroup">%s</b> currently have the following permissions on page <b class="aclpage">%s</b>: <i>%s</i>.
Members of group <b class="aclgroup">%s</b> currently have the following permissions in namespace <b class="aclns">%s</b>: <i>%s</i>.
Please <b>enter a user or group</b> in the form above to view or edit the permissions set for the page <b class="aclpage">%s</b>.
Please <b>enter a user or group</b> in the form above to view or edit the permissions set for the namespace <b class="aclns">%s</b>.
Note: Those permissions were not set explicitly but were inherited from other groups or higher namespaces.
Note: The selected group or user has always full permissions because it is configured as superuser.
Higher permissions include lower ones. Create, Upload and Delete permissions only apply to namespaces, not pages.
Current ACL Rules
Logon Domain
Your password will expire in %d days, you should change it soon.
Failed to change the password. Maybe the password policy was not met?
Failed to change user attributes. Maybe your account does not have permissions to make changes?
Failed to connect to Active Directory server.
Your account suffix. Eg. <code></code>
Your base DN. Eg. <code>DC=my,DC=domain,DC=org</code>
A comma separated list of Domain controllers. Eg. <code>,</code>
A privileged Active Directory user with access to all other user's data. Optional, but needed for certain actions like sending subscription mails.
The password of the above user.
Should Single-Sign-On via Kerberos or NTLM be used?
The charset your webserver will pass the Kerberos or NTLM username in. Empty for UTF-8 or latin-1. Requires the iconv extension.
Should the real primary group be resolved instead of assuming "Domain Users" (slower).
Use SSL connection? If used, do not enable TLS below.
Use TLS connection? If used, do not enable SSL above.
Display additional debugging output on errors?
Days in advance to warn user about expiring password. 0 to disable.
A comma separated list of additional AD attributes to fetch from user data. Used by some plugins.
Allow users to update their AD display name?
Allow users to update their email address?
Allow users to update their password? Requires SSL or TLS above.
Resolve nested groups to their respective members (slower).
LDAP cannot connect: %s
LDAP cannot find your user dn
Your LDAP server. Either hostname (<code>localhost</code>) or full qualified URL (<code>ldap://server.tld:389</code>)
LDAP server port if no full URL was given above
Where to find the user accounts. Eg. <code>ou=People, dc=server, dc=tld</code>
Where to find the user groups. Eg. <code>ou=Group, dc=server, dc=tld</code>
LDAP filter to search for user accounts. Eg. <code>(&amp;(uid=%{user})(objectClass=posixAccount))</code>
LDAP filter to search for groups. Eg. <code>(&amp;(objectClass=posixGroup)(|(gidNumber=%{gid})(memberUID=%{user})))</code>
The protocol version to use. You may need to set this to <code>3</code>
Use TLS connections?
Shall referrals be followed?
How to dereference aliases?
DN of an optional bind user if anonymous bind is not sufficient. Eg. <code>cn=admin, dc=my, dc=home</code>
Password of above user
Attributes to retrieve with the LDAP search.
Limit search scope for user search
Limit search scope for group search
Attribute denoting the username; must be consistent to userfilter.
Group membership from any user attribute (instead of standard AD groups) e.g. group from department or telephone number
Can the LDAP password be changed via dokuwiki?
Display additional debug information on errors
use default
don't follow referrals
follow referrals
Failed to connect to database.
Sorry, a user with this login already exists.
Unable to modify user data. Please inform the Wiki-Admin
Print out detailed error messages. Should be disabled after setup.
The DSN to connect to the database.
The user for the above database connection (empty for sqlite)
The password for the above database connection (empty for sqlite)
SQL Statement to select the data of a single user
SQL Statement to select all groups of a single user
SQL Statement to select all available groups
SQL Statement to insert a new user into the database
SQL Statement to remove a single user from the database
SQL Statement to list users matching a filter
SQL Statement to count users matching a filter
SQL Statement to update the full name and email address of a single user
SQL Statement to update the login name of a single user
SQL Statement to update the password of a single user
SQL Statement to insert a new group into the database
SQL Statement to add a user to an existing group
SQL Statement to remove a user from a group
SQL Statement to check the password for a user. Can be left empty if password info is fetched in select-user.
Sorry, that user doesn't exist.
Unable to modify user data. Please inform the Wiki-Admin
Data for user %s is protected and can not be modified or deleted.
====== Configuration Manager ====== Use this page to control the settings of your DokuWiki installation. For help on individual settings refer to [[doku>config]]. For more details about this plugin see [[doku>plugin:config]]. Settings shown with a light red background are protected and can not be altered with this plugin. Settings shown with a blue background are the default values and settings shown with a white background have been set locally for this particular installation. Both blue and white settings can be altered. Remember to press the **Save** button before leaving this page otherwise your changes will be lost. DokuWiki markup allowed
Settings not updated due to an invalid value, please review your changes and resubmit. <br />The incorrect value(s) will be shown surrounded by a red border.
(no other choices available)
The settings file can not be updated, if this is unintentional, <br /> ensure the local settings file name and permissions are correct.
Danger: Changing this option could make your wiki and the configuration menu inaccessible.
Warning: Changing this option could cause unintended behaviour.
Security Warning: Changing this option could present a security risk.
Undefined Settings
Syndication (RSS)
No setting metadata.
No setting class.
Setting class not available.
No default value.
Wiki title aka. your wiki's name
Template aka. the design of the wiki.
Tagline (if template supports it)
Sidebar page name (if template supports it), empty field disables the sidebar
Under which license should your content be released?
Cookie path. Leave blank for using baseurl.
Directory creation mode
File creation mode
Allow debug. <b>Disable if not needed!</b>
Number of "trace" breadcrumbs. Set to 0 to disable.
Use hierarchical breadcrumbs (you probably want to disable the above option then)
Reveal full path of pages in the footer
Do typographical replacements
Date format (see PHP's <a href="">strftime</a> function)
What to display when showing the user that last edited a page
Top level for table of contents
Minimum amount of headlines that determines whether the TOC is built
Maximum level for table of contents
Maximum section edit level
Use CamelCase for links
How to clean pagenames
Use first heading for pagenames
By default, DokuWiki will show all namespaces in the sitemap. Enabling this option will hide those where the user doesn't have read permissions. This might result in hiding of accessable subnamespaces which may make the index unusable with certain ACL setups.
Use access control lists
Authentication backend
Superuser - group, user or comma separated list user1,@group1,user2 with full access to all pages and functions regardless of the ACL settings
Manager - group, user or comma separated list user1,@group1,user2 with access to certain management functions
Disable DokuWiki actions
View source/Export Raw
Delete Own Account
Other actions (comma separated)
XML Syndication (RSS)
Should cookies set via HTTPS only be sent via HTTPS by the browser? Disable this option when only the login of your wiki is secured with SSL but browsing the wiki is done unsecured.
The samesite cookie attribute to use. Leaving it empty will let the browser decide on the samesite policy.
Enable the remote API system. This allows other applications to access the wiki via XML-RPC or other mechanisms.
Restrict remote API access to the comma separated groups or users given here. Leave empty to give access to everyone.
Enable Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) for the remote interfaces. Asterisk (*) to allow all origins. Leave empty to deny CORS.
Time delay before indexing (sec)
Obfuscate email addresses
Check uploaded files for possibly malicious JavaScript or HTML code
Automatically save a draft while editing
Enable Mediarevisions?
Check if a media file is still in use before deleting it
Path to ImageMagick's convert tool
JPG compression quality (0-100)
Allow users to subscribe to page changes by email
Time after which subscription lists and digests are sent (sec); This should be smaller than the time specified in recent_days.
Always send info on newly registered users to this email address
Sender email address to use for automatic mails
Recipient email address for non delivery notifications
Email subject prefix to use for automatic mails. Leave blank to use the wiki title
Send better looking, but larger in size HTML multipart emails. Disable for plain text only mails.
Disable logging for these types of logs.
How many days of logs to keep.
XML feed Show deleted feeds
What kind of changes should be listed in the XML feed?
Check for updates and security warnings? DokuWiki needs to contact for this feature.
Use slash as namespace separator in URLs
Page name word separator
Use fully canonical URLs
Method for encoding non-ASCII filenames.
Check for plural forms in links
Compression method for attic files
Size in bytes up to which images referenced in CSS files should be embedded right into the stylesheet to reduce HTTP request header overhead. <code>400</code> to <code>600</code> bytes is a good value. Set <code>0</code> to disable.
Is the ignore_user_abort function broken on your system? This could cause a non working search index. IIS+PHP/CGI is known to be broken.
Use the X-Sendfile header to let the webserver deliver static files? Your webserver needs to support this.
Renderer to use for main (xhtml) wiki output
Limit the search to the current X namespaces. When a search is executed from a page within a deeper namespace, the first X namespaces will be added as filter
Specify the default fragment search behavior
starts with
ends with
Trust forwarding proxies matching this regular expression about the true client IP they report. The default matches local networks. Leave empty to trust no proxy.
Feature Flags
Defer javascript to be execute after the page's HTML has been parsed. Improves perceived page speed but could break a small number of plugins.
Do not display any warnings issued by PHP. This may ease the transisition to PHP8+. Warnings will still be logged in the error log and should be reported.
DokuWiki will lookup hostnames for remote IP addresses of users editing pages. If you have a slow or non working DNS server or don't want this feature, disable this option
Should the jQuery and jQuery UI script files be loaded from a CDN? This adds additional HTTP requests, but files may load faster and users may have them cached already.
No CDN, local delivery only
CDN at
CDN at
Regular expression to match URLs for which the proxy should be skipped.
DokuWiki internal
remove accents
GD Lib not available
Unified Diff
HTML formatted diff table
the revised page
Proprietary lighttpd header (before release 1.5)
User's full name as interwiki user link
User's e-mail addresss (obfuscated according to mailguard setting)
Maximum age for readdir cache (sec)
Here you can manually install plugins and templates by either uploading them or providing a direct download URL. DokuWiki markup allowed
These are the plugins currently installed in your DokuWiki. You can enable or disable or even completely uninstall them here. Plugin updates are shown here as well, be sure to read the plugin's documentation before updating. DokuWiki markup allowed
This tab gives you access to all available 3rd party [[doku>plugins|plugins]] and [[doku>template|templates]] for DokuWiki. Please be aware that installing 3rd party code may pose a **security risk**, you may want to read about [[doku>security#plugin_security|plugin security]] first. DokuWiki markup allowed
These are the templates currently installed in your DokuWiki. You can select the template to be used in the [[?do=admin&page=config|Configuration Manager]]. DokuWiki markup allowed
Extension Manager
Installed Plugins
Installed Templates
Search and Install
Manual Install
This feature hasn't been implemented yet
This extension is not installed
This extension has already been enabled
This extension has already been disabled
There was an error saving the plugin list
Unknown author
Unknown version
Show more info
Really uninstall this extension?
View Options:
Search Extension:
<strong>%s</strong> by %s
Screenshot of %s
Popularity: %s%%
Search extensions by this author
Download URL:
Installed version:
Your last update:
Available version:
Compatible with:
Depends on:
Similar to:
Conflicts with:
Like this?
Buy the author a coffee!
not installed
Plugin %s enabled
Plugin %s disabled
Extension %s uninstalled
Uninstalling Extension %s failed
Template %s installed successfully
Template %s updated successfully
Plugin %s installed successfully
Plugin %s updated successfully
Uploading the file failed
Extension %s already exists so it is not being overwritten; to overwrite, tick the overwrite option
<strong>Missing or disabled dependency:</strong> %s
<strong>Security Issue:</strong> %s
<strong>Security Warning:</strong> %s
<strong>Update Message:</strong> %s
<strong>Update:</strong> New version %s is available.
<strong>Plugin installed incorrectly:</strong> Rename plugin directory "%s" to "%s".
<strong>URL changed:</strong> Download URL has changed since last download. Check if the new URL is valid before updating the extension.<br />New: %s<br />Old: %s
URLs should start with http or https
Unable to create temporary folder to receive download
Unable to download the file: %s
Unable to decompress the downloaded file. This maybe as a result of a bad download, in which case you should try again; or the compression format may be unknown, in which case you will need to download and install manually.
Unable to identify extension directory, you need to download and install manually
There was a file copy error while attempting to install files for directory <em>%s</em>: the disk could be full or file access permissions may be incorrect. This may have resulted in a partially installed plugin and leave your wiki installation unstable
Extension directory is not writable
Template directory is not writable
Plugin directory is not writable
This extension was installed via git, you may not want to update it here.
This auth plugin is not enabled in configuration, consider disabling it.
Install from URL:
Upload Extension:
The plugin repository returned an invalid response.
The plugin repository could not be contacted. Make sure your server is allowed to contact and check your proxy settings.
Your PHP seems to miss SSL support. Downloading will not work for many DokuWiki extensions.
====== View Logs ====== This interface allows you to view the various logs that are written by DokuWiki. By default, there shouldn't be much here (it depends on your [[doku>config:dontlog|log settings]]). However if something goes wrong, chances are high you'll find useful information about the problem. All times are UTC! Please be aware that **log files can contain sensitive information** like passwords, paths or other secrets. Be sure to redact the logs appropriately when posting them on the forum or in bug reports! DokuWiki markup allowed
View Logs
Filter Loglines:
There are no log entries for the selected day and log facility. DokuWiki markup allowed
====== Popularity Feedback ====== This [[doku>popularity|tool]] gathers anonymous data about your wiki and allows you to send it back to the DokuWiki developers. This helps them understand how DokuWiki is used in the field, and makes sure future development decisions are backed by real-world usage statistics. You are encouraged to repeat this step from time to time, or even better to opt for an automated monthly dispatch, to keep developers informed when your wiki grows. Your repeated data sets will be identified by an anonymous ID. Data collected contains information like your DokuWiki version, the number and size of your pages and files, installed plugins and information about your PHP install. The raw data that will be sent is shown below. Please use the **Send Data** button to transfer the information. DokuWiki markup allowed
Automatically send data once a month
The data couldn't be sent due to the following error:
You can send the data manually by submitting the following form.
The last autosubmit failed, because of the following error:
The data has been sent
====== Popularity Feedback ====== The data has been sent succesfully. DokuWiki markup allowed
This tool allows you to change certain style settings of your currently selected template. All changes are stored in a local configuration file and are upgrade safe. DokuWiki markup allowed
Template Style Settings
Preview is loading...<br />if this does not goes away, your values may be faulty
Open as a popup
Sorry, this template does not support this functionality.
Preview changes
Save changes
Reset current changes
Revert styles back to template's default
Main text color
Main background color
Alternative text color
Alternative background color
Neutral text color
Neutral background color
Border color
Highlight color (for search results mainly)
===== Bulk User Import ===== Requires a CSV file of users with at least four columns. The columns must contain, in order: user-id, full name, email address and groups. The CSV fields should be separated by commas (,) and strings delimited by quotation marks (%%""%%). Backslash (\) can be used for escaping. For an example of a suitable file, try the "Export Users" function above. Duplicate user-ids will be ignored. A password will be generated and emailed to each successfully imported user. DokuWiki markup allowed
(user authentication not available)
(user management not supported)
invalid auth mechanism
Export All Users (CSV)
Export Filtered User list (CSV)
Import New Users
Line no.
Error message
User list file (CSV):
Most Recent Import - Failures
User Import: %d users found, %d imported successfully.
User Import: %d failed. Failures are listed below.
Insufficient fields, found %d, require 4.
User-id missing
Bad name
Bad email address
Import Failed. The csv file could not be uploaded or is empty.
Import Failed. Unable to read uploaded file.
Unable to create the user
Notification message could not be sent for imported user, %s with email %s.
Download Failures as CSV for correction
Please either set a password or activate user notification to enable password generation.
The entered passwords were not identical.
Modifing passwords is currently disabled
Please enter a name for the new user.
Modifing names is currently disabled.
Please enter an Email-Adress for the new user.
Modifing Email-Adresses is currently disabled.
A plugin prevented the new user being added. Review possible other messages for more information.
Color for the very background (behind the content box)
The general link color
The color for links to existing pages
The color for links to non-existing pages
The width of the full site (can be any length unit: %, px, em, ...)
The width of the sidebar, if any (can be any length unit: %, px, em, ...)
Below screensizes of this width, the site switches to tablet mode
Below screensizes of this width, the site switches to phone mode
Theme color of the web app
If you want to adjust the logo, simply use the Media Manager to upload a ''logo.png'' into the ''wiki'' or the root namespace and it will be automatically used. You can also upload a ''favicon.ico'' there. If you use a closed wiki it is recommended to make the ''wiki'' (or root) namespace world readable in the ACL settings or your logo is not shown to not logged in users. DokuWiki markup allowed
====== Administration ====== Below you can find a list of administrative tasks available in DokuWiki. DokuWiki markup allowed
===== Additional Plugins ===== DokuWiki markup allowed
====== Backlinks ====== This is a list of pages that seem to link back to the current page. DokuWiki markup allowed
====== A newer version exists ====== A newer version of the document you edited exists. This happens when another user changed the document while you were editing it. Examine the differences shown below thoroughly, then decide which version to keep. If you choose ''save'', your version will be saved. Hit ''cancel'' to keep the current version. DokuWiki markup allowed
====== Permission Denied ====== Sorry, you don't have enough rights to continue. DokuWiki markup allowed
====== Differences ====== This shows you the differences between two versions of the page. DokuWiki markup allowed
====== Draft file found ====== Your last edit session on this page was not completed correctly. DokuWiki automatically saved a draft during your work which you may now use to continue your editing. Below you can see the data that was saved from your last session. Please decide if you want to //recover// your lost edit session, //delete// the autosaved draft or //cancel// the editing process. DokuWiki markup allowed
Edit the page and hit ''Save''. See [[wiki:syntax]] for Wiki syntax. Please edit the page only if you can **improve** it. If you want to test some things, learn to make your first steps on the [[playground:playground|playground]]. DokuWiki markup allowed
**You've loaded an old revision of the document!** If you save it, you will create a new version with this data. ---- DokuWiki markup allowed
====== Sitemap ====== This is a sitemap over all available pages ordered by [[doku>namespaces|namespaces]]. DokuWiki markup allowed
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Your DokuWiki password
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This wiki does not support profile modification
No changes, nothing to do.
An empty name or email address is not allowed.
User profile successfully updated.
This wiki does not support deleting users
Delete Account
Your user account has been deleted from this wiki
I wish to remove my account from this wiki. <br/> This action can not be undone.
Confirmation check box not ticked
User profile was not updated.
Forgotten your password? Get a new one
This wiki does not support password resending.
Set new password for
Sorry, you must fill in all fields.
Sorry, we can't find this user in our database.
Sorry, this auth code is not valid. Make sure you used the complete confirmation link.
A confirmation link has been sent by email.
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Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license:
Note: By editing this page you agree to license your content under the following license:
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