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Bad Behaviour Statistics
%d accesses were blocked in the last %d days.
The request came from IP <b>%s</b> and was blocked because <b>%s</b>. The explanation shown to the user was <b>%s</b> More details may be available <a href="">here</a>.
Below is a list of log lines matching this IP in the last %d days.
Lookup support key
====== Bad Behaviour Support Key Lookup ====== DokuWiki markup allowed
Please enter an email address where users can ask for help when they are blocked unintentional.
Bad Behavior checks certain realtime blacklists for known malicious IPs by default. This might get innocent users get blocked for their previously abused dynamic IP addresses. Enable this option to skip the blackhole check.
====== Bad Behaviour Statistics ====== This page gives you an overview on the amount of access tries that where blocked by the badbehaviour plugin in the last days and the most common reasons. DokuWiki markup allowed

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