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English translation

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English English
Invalid request.
Search expression is not specified.
Invalid regular expression.
The page index is empty.
Cannot access the page index.
No pages found in namespace "{1}".
Regular expression matching has failed.
No matches are found.
You have no rights to edit page {1}.
Page {1} is locked by {2}.
Failed to apply match {1}.
The search was interrupted after reaching maximal number of matches.
The operation was interrupted because it is taking too much time.
The operation was interrupted on user's request.
The edit summary was not provided. Do you want to proceed witout it?
<b>Error:</b> {1}
<b>Warning:</b> {1}
Search for
Replace with
Edit summary
Minor changes
Search mode
Plain text
Regular expression
Case sensitive
Use delimiters and modifiers in regular expression
Show match context of {1} characters or {2} lines
Stop search after finding first {1} matches
Preserve marked matches on preview {1}
Safe mode
Same match
Same offset
I feel lucky!
Apply namespace template replacement patterns
Show confirmation on applying edits with no summary
Search results: {1} on {2}
Edit results: {1} on {2}, {3}
{1} &ndash; {2}
{1} match
{1} matches
{1} page
{1} pages
{1} replacement applied
{1} replacements applied
Apply all matches
Apply all matches in this file
Apply this match
Go to this page
Edit this page
Go to bottom
Advanced options
Time limit for plugin operations execution (seconds, 0 - PHP default)
Session expiration time (seconds)

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