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Dutch translation

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Unknown type "%s"
Unknown action "%s"
Not enough arguments for %s %s
No action defined - where should the data be sent to?
Something went wrong with sending that data
Unknown field constraint %s
Labelpage %s not found
"%s" is required
"%s" wasn't filled in correctly. %s
(Checked against /%s/i)
"%s" needs to be a valid email address.
"%s" needs to be a number.
"%s" needs to be a valid date in the format yyyy-mm-dd.
"%s" needs to be a valid time in the format (h)h:mm(:ss).
"%s" needs to be the name of an existing user.
"%s" needs to be a comma-separated list of names of existing users.
"%s" needs to be greater than %s.
"%s" needs to be less than %s.
Missing pagename.
The page "%s" exists already. Please choose a different pagename.
Could not read template "%s". Maybe it doesn't exist or you have no read permissions?
You are not allowed to create this page, maybe you forgot to log in?
Form data submitted at %s
The following data was submitted on %s.
Your data was sent successfully. Thank you.
The page has been created, follow the link to open it.
Created from the form at %s
(file not submitted)
(file too large for mail attachment)
file "%s" too large for mail attachment (>%s) (mail was sent nevertheless)
Affects the template mode. Use this (virtual) user's permissions when checking ACLs for reading templates and creating pages.
Max size of mail attachments in Bytes. (per File)

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