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English English
This version of ckgedit has been adapted for the hogfather dokuwiki distribution. The most significant difference from previous versions is that it no longer has access to the ckgedit filebrowser. It uses instead the dokuwiki media app for media and its linkwiz for internal links. See [[doku>plugin:ckgedit#note_on_hogfather]] DokuWiki markup allowed
DW Edit
CKG Preview
Delete Page
Save Work, Exit, and Switch to Native DokuWiki Editor
Revert to previous backup
Select language for spell checker
Exit Editor
CKG Edit
Are you sure you want to delete this page?
Any work not saved will be lost.
Editor Height
Editor re-sizes on re-load
Back up editor window & Renew lock
The back-up buffer appears to be empty. Do you wish to continue?
Get Draft
View, Show, Edit Draft
Exit Draft
Return to current document
This document has a draft file. The draft button toggles between the this document and the draft. You can edit and save either of the two.
what's this?
Enable Complex Tables
Minor changes
To Save your edits click OK; to Discard click Cancel
Edit Fonts
Open with font styles shown as markup
Font styling cannot be included in links. Click OK to accept the following correction:
To revise, enter the full Dokuwiki link markup below, including brackets. To return to Editor click Cancel.
Font Formatting Error
Unable to save changes to:
Editor priority updated to:
Editor priority not selected: it will be determined by dw_users group config setting
Use the link dialog to insert
The parser found one or more link-font conflicts. By clicking OK, you can return to the editor and remove the font styles. For more information see:
On reloading the editor, supplementary paste support will be turned
Use the imagePaste plugin with the Dokuwiki Mediamanager or try the MS Word Paste Tool.
Ctrl-v images with raw data over 2.5M can hang. This image is:
Close Info
Your lock for editing this page is about to expire in one minute
Your lock for editing this page is about to expire in a minute.\nTo avoid conflicts use the backup button to reset the locktimer.
Use Image Dialog for images only, Link Dialog for other media. This file is:
Select Your Default Editor
DW Filebrowser
CKG Filebrowser
Save and close the editor and switch to the DW Filebrowser
Save and close the editor and switch to the CKG Filebrowser
Markup removed from headers(s): not supported by Dokuwiki
Font Markup removed from link(s): not supported by Dokuwiki
For winstyle setup: cannot copy to
For winstyle setup, copied security-enabled .htaccess to data/media See ckgedit/fckeditor/userfiles/
Please check permissions; ckgedit cannot access
Unable to create
Cannot create symlinks for filebrowser: cannot access:
There was an error when trying to create symbolic links in
The following links were created in the userfiles directory:
<b>New Feature:</b> double click browser window to open DW Editor for section editing at cursor. <b>See: </b><a href=''>direct_access_to_dokuwiki_editor</a>.
Turn supplementary image paste support
Off to prevent double pastes, or on to enable pastes
Use the imagePaste plugin with the Dokuwiki Mediamanager or try the MS Word Paste Tool. Raw data of Ctrl-v images over 2.5M can hang. This image is:
CKEditor editor CSS tool
Create a style sheet for the current template
Create a stylesheet for another template
Create Style sheet
Creating Style sheet for the current template:
Creating Style sheet for:
Copy to ckeditor/css
Close Info
Dokuwiki does not support lists in tables. The list markup has been removed but the content retained
The Scayt spellchecker offers three Configuration Options: on, off, disabled. As of now, the default setting will be **off** instead of **on**. With **on** the contents of the editor is parsed by Scayt and sent for spell-checking to a Scayt server. While there is no reason to believe this is a security risk, nevertheless this change is being made out of consideration for users with private wikis who may feel anxious having their data sent to a remote server. When set to “disable” The spell checker is removed entirely. Further information can be found in the Configuration Options page of the ckgedit documentation at DokuWiki markup allowed
FCK Preview Group
Display Toolbar to Guests
Guest Can Link to Media Files
Guest Can Upload
Default file-browing access. With none, acl does not apply.
Open File Browsing. This gives user access to entire directory structure, whether or not the user has permissions. ACL still applies to uploads.
Controls which users have access to the "DW Edit" button. Choices: "all" for all users; "admin" for admin and managers only; "none" for no one. Defaults to "all".
Display smileys as text in CKeditor (will still display as image in browser)
Save backup to meta/&lt;namespace&gt;.ckgedit
Enable folder creation button in file browser (y/n)
Comma separated list of namespaces and/or pages where ckgedit automatically switches over to the native DokuWiki Editor; accepts partial matches.
Default (box not checked) allows users with upload permission to delete media files; if box is checked, then user needs delete permission to delete from the folder.
The user login id is case insensitive, that is you can login as both USER and user
For Windows Servers (Vista and Later). This setting makes it possible to access data\media through ckgedit\CKeditor\userfiles, if links to media and file have been successfully created in userfiles
Set Language direction in CKeditor: <b>nocheck</b>: ckgedit will make no changes to the default direction setting; <b>dokuwiki</b>: the current Dokuwiki language direction; <b>ltr</b>: Left-to-right ; <b>rtl</b>: Right-to-left.
Set whether or not the Scayt check-as-you-type spell checker is active at startup. Defaults to <code>off</code>; the user can re-enable spell checking on a per page basis. To remove the Scayt spell checker completely, select <code>disable</code>. (See <a href="">ckgedit:configuration#scayt_auto</a>")
Set SCAYT default language.
Reset URL for CKeditor's smilies when moving to new server. This is done on a page by page basis when page is loaded for editing and saved. This option should normally be turned off.
Use the complex tables algorithm. As opposed to the standard parsing of tables, this should give better results when mixing complex arrangements of rowspans and colspans. But slightly more processing time.
Set this to true if users create multiple footnotes with the same footnote texts; required to prevent notes from being corrupted.
Use direct path to media directory instead of fckeditor/userfiles. This function copies <br />fckeditor/userfiles/ to data/media/.htaccess; if not, this should be done manually
Your default language for the CKEditor is the language set for your browser. You can, however, choose another language here; it is independent of the Dokuwiki interface language.
Display font styles in editor as plugin markup. See the ckgedit plugin page at for details.
Remove font options.
Remove Color options.
Functions to remove from CKEditor toolbar.<br /><br /> Any other functions can be removed by including them as a comma separated list in the text box:<br /><br />Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike, Subscript, Superscript, RemoveFormat, Find, Replace, SelectAll, Scayt, Image, Table, Tags, Link, Unlink, Format, Styles,TextColor, BGColor, NumberedList, BulletedList, Cut, Copy, Paste, PasteText, PasteFromWord, Undo, Redo, Source, Maximize, About.
Enable mfile support
Comma separated list of additional Ckeditor plugins to be added to toolbar. See ckgedit plugin's <a href=''>config page</a> for details
Select which file/media browser(s) users can use
Select which file/media browser is the default. This will be overridden if the selected browser is not allowed
When using <code>HTML_BLOCK</code>s either this setting or Dokuwiki's <code>htmlok</code> option must be enabled. It doesn't pose the same level of security risk as <code>htmlok</code>. Nevertheless, it is should be used only in a trusted user environment, and not in an open wiki.
Set to <code>off</code> to turn off the double click feature which enables section editing using the Dokuwiki editor (see: <a href=''>direct_access_to_dokuwiki_editor</a>)
Preserve urlencoding in urls when the dokuwiki deaccent option is active.
Select CKEditor GUI.
Activate support for relative internal and image links
Use an alternate style sheet for the Ckeditor editing window. For more information see the <b>CKEditor editor CSS tool</b>, under <em>Additional Plugins</em> on the <code>Admin</code> page. Or see the ckgedit plugin page.
If the imgpaste plugin is installed, use the imgpaste naming system for naming your saved images.
**Current Template** \\ With this app you can create a style sheet for the CKEditor's editing window that is based on your template. It will place the style sheet in your template folder in the directory named **Styles**, which will be created when the style sheet is saved. The style sheet will be named **_styles.css**. To activate this style sheet two things must be done: - it must be placed in **ckgedit/ckeditor/css**. This will automatically be done for you if you check off the checkbox labeled **Copy to ckeditor/css.** - The **style_sheet** option in the ''Configuration Settings'' must be set to **true**. **Other templates: installed but not activated** \\ You can also create additional style sheets for other templates which you might have stored in your **tpl** folder. These will be copied to the Styles folder of the respective templates but not to **ckeditor/css**. ---- DokuWiki markup allowed

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