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[[doku>DokuWiki]] can mark abbreviations and acronyms (terminology) automatically. If your browser supports the <acronym> tag, you can hover your mouse on an abbreviation to see a short explanation, shown as a tooltip. For example, if the mouse is positioned over ''CMS'' (which is included in the default acronyms list), the tooltip displays ''Content Management System''. Note: only full words will be marked. Eg. an acronym that is used within a word will not result in a acronym tooltip. Example: CMS is an acronym, myCMS is not. More information can be found at [[doku>abbreviations]]. DokuWiki markup allowed
[[doku>DokuWiki]] can replace certain characters or strings with other strings based on a configuration file. By default this is used to convert various character combinations to their typographical equivalent. e.g. <code> << to « >> to » => to ⇒ </code> see also [[doku>syntax#text_to_html_conversions]]. Even though by default it is used with simple character replacements only, the entity system can also be used to insert more complex constructs into your pages. This includes HTML. However you should be aware that doing so is bound to break when used in combination with non-HTML renderers. More information can be found at [[doku>entities]]. DokuWiki markup allowed
The original idea of InterWiki was to have one large distributed [[wp>Wiki]] over the whole net. Today its more of an easy way to link from one wiki to another by having some simple link syntax to do so. In [[doku>DokuWiki]] this is done by prefixing Wiki [[doku>pagenames]] with a shortcut separated by a ''>'' character. Examples: <code> [[wp>Wiki]] links to Wikipedia, [[Meatball>TourBusStop]] links to the MeatBall wiki TourBusStop, [[google>Wiki]] links to a Google search, [[doku>interwiki]] links to this page </code> [[wp>Wiki]] links to Wikipedia, [[Meatball>TourBusStop]] links to the MeatBall wiki TourBusStop, [[google>Wiki]] links to a Google search. [[doku>interwiki]] links to this page. There is one special interwiki shortcut called **''this''**. It always links to the webserver directory DokuWiki is installed in. You can use this to construct relative URLs. For example the following always links to the local [[doku>syndication|XML feed]]: [[this>feed.php]] <code> [[this>feed.php]] </code> **More Info on InterWiki:** * [[wp>InterWiki]] at Wikipedia * [[MeatBall>InterWiki]] at MeatBall * [[Wiki>InterWiki]] at Wiki * [[doku>interwiki]] DokuWiki markup allowed
Configuration File Manager
Configuration File Manager
The Configuration File Manager allows you to edit various configuration files from DokuWiki and its plug-ins.
Select a configuration file
--- Please select an entry ---
Click here to delete this entry
Click here to disable this entry
The default value is already disabled by a user defined value.
This is a default value that cannot be changed
edit icon
cannot edit icon
Click here to choose another icon
Cannot change default icons
Disabled by a user defined value.
Overridden by a user defined value.
Disables a default value.
Overrides a default value.
Toggle description on/off
Toggle display of default values on/off
Please note: default values define the basic behavior of DokuWiki and cannot be changed.
JavaScript is disabled!
As long as JavaScript is disabled, confmanager offers only basic functionality. To benefit from convenience functions like collapsing sections, quick actions on items, etc. turn on your JavaScript. We won't hurt you. Promise.
Please select an image file to upload
Uploading file...
The upload was successful
The upload has failed
delete icon
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cannot delete icon
Cannot delete the icon
User defined values
Default values
URL Schemes
Abbreviations and Acronyms
Entity replacements
MIME configuration
InterWiki Links
Warning: cross site scripting attempt detected
An error occured while saving the config file
Changes have been applied successfully
Could not apply changes
Error loading config file: no path specified
This operation requires administrator rights
No config was specified
No file submitted
Missing key parameter
Cannot overwrite default icon
Error while uploading
Missing file extension
Wrong file extension specified
Uploaded file could not be moved into images folder. This could be due to a lack of permissions
Error deleting the icon. This could be due to a lack of permissions
Applying the changes failed. The configuration file is not writable.
Applying the changes failed.
The configuration file is not writable. Changes will not be saved.
Which file types you can upload via the [[doku>media_manager]] is configured through the ''conf/mime.conf'' file. It also configures the file extension <-> mimetype association. For security reasons it is not possible to configure [[doku>DokuWiki]] to allow any file type. :!: **Never enable HTML upload for unprotected wikis**, as this opens Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities through JavaScript. Only enable this with trusted users. You need to disable the [[doku>config:iexssprotect]] option additionally to adding the HTML mime type in the config file. Additional icons in a similar style are available at You can find any file extension with it's mime at More information can be found at [[doku>mime]]. DokuWiki markup allowed
DokuWiki allows linking to external URLs but only to known protocols. [[doku>urlschemes|More information on URL schemes]]. The following protocols are currently enabled: DokuWiki markup allowed
DokuWiki can convert text smileys to their graphically equivalent. DokuWiki converts commonly used [[wp>emoticon]]s to their graphical equivalents. Those [[doku>Smileys]] and other images can be configured and extended. Here is an overview of Smileys included in DokuWiki: * 8-) %% 8-) %% * 8-O %% 8-O %% * :-( %% :-( %% * :-) %% :-) %% * =) %% =) %% * :-/ %% :-/ %% * :-\ %% :-\ %% * :-? %% :-? %% * :-D %% :-D %% * :-P %% :-P %% * :-O %% :-O %% * :-X %% :-X %% * :-| %% :-| %% * ;-) %% ;-) %% * ^_^ %% ^_^ %% * :?: %% :?: %% * :!: %% :!: %% * LOL %% LOL %% * FIXME %% FIXME %% * DELETEME %% DELETEME %% DokuWiki markup allowed
The internet isn't the place it used to be anymore. Everything good gets corrupted and so it is with Wikis. [[meatball>WikiSpam]], like Spam in blogs and email, is on the rise. If you use [[doku>DokuWiki]] in your Intranet this is no problem for you. But if you intend to use it on the open Internet you may want to blacklist some known Spam words. For using a blacklist in DokuWiki enable the ''$conf['usewordblock'] = 1;'' option in ''conf/local.php'' (by default it is set to 1) and edit the ''conf/wordblock.local.conf'' file. You can have a look inside the file ''conf/wordblock.conf'' for a list of existing word blocks. The file contains [[wp>Regular Expressions]] (Perl compatible) if any of these match saving is disallowed. More information can be found at [[doku>blacklist]]. DokuWiki markup allowed

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