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====== Setup DB Field Type Aliases ====== This interface allows you to define new field type aliases based on the existing ones. The aliased types can be used like any other type of the plugin, but all data will be prefixed or postfixed with the values you provided for the alias here. This is usually used for linking certain field types to special namespaces. Refer to the [[doku>plugin:data|plugin description]] for more info about aliases. DokuWiki markup allowed
Edit the [[doku>plugin:data|data entry]] and hit ''Save''. Please edit the entry only if you can **improve** it. * You can change the structure of the entry as well. * Fields are deleted by removing the title. DokuWiki markup allowed
Edit the [[doku>plugin:data|data entry]] and hit ''Save''. Please edit the entry only if you can **improve** it. DokuWiki markup allowed
====== Database Clean up ====== When pages with attached data entries are deleted, their stored meta data is deleted as well. However this is only true when the page was deleted through normal wiki editing. If the page was deleted by other means, eg. by removing it on the file system, its meta data remains in the database. This tool deletes all stored data for pages that no longer exist. DokuWiki markup allowed
Data Plugin: Field Aliases
Data Plugin: Clean up database
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