Thank you for translating diagrams Plugin! This tool helps you sending translations to the developers.

Don't be discouraged by the amount of strings! If you don't feel like translating it all, just do a few strings and submit the translation. Each tiny step helps. Strings at top of the list are more important than those at the bottom, so please start at the top.

When you're done click the submit button. Your changes will be automatically submitted to the developers. You can find previous English translation submissions here.

English translation

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Missing configuration for SVG diagrams: Remember to add "svg image/svg+xml" to mime.local.conf
Create a diagram
Create a diagram in current namespace
You do not have sufficient permissions
Edit diagram
Name is empty or contains invalid characters!
Saving failed
Unsupported file format!
Defines which editor url is used.

Info You don't need to hit the “Submit Translation” button before using the pagination.