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English English
Export to PDF
Please provide a title.
Please provide an existing namespace.
Requested page doesn't exist.
You don't have pages selected yet.
Table of Contents
Export namespace "%s:" to file %s.pdf
You have no access to these pages: %s.<br/><br/>Use option 'Skip Forbidden Pages' to create your book with the available pages.
The Bookcreator Plugin is not installed or is disabled
The page format as supported by mPDF. Usually <code>A4</code> or <code>letter</code>.
The page orientation.
The font-size for normal text in points.
Double-sided document starts add odd page, and has pairs of even and odd pages. Single-side document has only odd pages.
Add an autogenerated Table of Content in PDF (note: Can add blank pages due to start at an odd page and ToC always include on even number of pages, ToC pages itself has no pagenumbers)
Define top level and maximum level depth which are added to ToC. Default wiki ToC levels <a href="#config___toptoclevel">toptoclevel</a> and <a href="#config___maxtoclevel">maxtoclevel</a> are used. Format: <code><i>&lt;top&gt;</i>-<i>&lt;max&gt;</i></code>
Activate numbered headings
How many section levels should be used in the PDF bookmarks? <small>(0=none, 5=all)</small>
Which template should be used for formatting the PDFs?
How should the PDF be presented to the user?
Show in browser
Download the PDF
Should PDFs be cached? Embedded images won't be ACL checked then, disable if that's a security concern for you.
You can give a comma separated list of plugins of which the <code>style.css</code> or <code>screen.css</code> should be used for PDF generation. By default only <code>print.css</code> and <code>pdf.css</code> are used.
Size scaling of the embedded QR code. Empty or <code>0</code> to disable.
Show PDF export button (only when supported by your template)

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