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English English
Farm Setup
Manage Plugins
Add new Animal
Delete Animal
Initialize Farming
Animal directory
Add farm code to .htaccess?
Please enter a directory where the Animals should be stored.
The Animal directory (%s) must be outside of the Farm dokuwiki (%s).
The Animal directory (%s) could not be created. Are the permissions correct?
Please make sure that the webserver has write access in the Animal directory (%s)!
The Animal directory (%s) must be empty.
Farming has been succesfully initialized.
There was an error during Farming initialization.
Warning: Your existing inc/preload.php will be overwritten when continuing here!
Animal Name / Domain
Instance is
The farmer!
An Animal!
Farmer Install
Instance Configuration Directory
Instance Data Directory
Plugins active in this instance
Base Configuration
Farmer Host Name
Base Domain for subdomain Animals
Farmer Settings Animals should inherit
Configuration Settings
Acronym Definitions
Entity Definitions
Interwiki Definitions
License Definitions
MIME Type Definitions
URL Scheme Definitions
Smiley Definitions
Spam Blacklist Entries
User Styles
User Scripts
Template style customizations
Users (Plain Auth only)
Plugin State
inherited from farmer
independent from farmer
Behavior on accessing nonexistent Animals
Show the farmer wiki
Show a 404 error page
Show a list of available animals
Redirect to the URL below
URL to redirect to if selected above
Copy existing Animal
The Animal "%s" has been successfully created.
There was an error while creating the Animal.
Basic Animal configuration
Inherit user registration setting from farmer
Allow users to register themselves
Disable user register
Animal administrator
Do not create any users
Import all users of the Farmer to the new Animal
Set the current user as admin
Create new admin user "admin"
Password for the new admin
Please enter a name for the new Animal.
The Animal name may only contain alphanumeric characters and dots/hyphens (but not as first or last character).
An Animal with that name already exists.
The password for the new admin account must not be empty.
There was a problem copying %s from the existing Animal to the new one.
Please choose an initial ACL policy from the dropdown.
Edit a single Animal or all at once?
Bulk edit all Animals
Edit a single Animal
Activate or deactivate a plugin in all Animals
Edit Animal/Plugin matrix
Set to default
Edit the plugins of a specific Animal
Plugin states updated
Select an animal
Select a plugin
The plugin has been disabled by default. You can enable it here or in specific animals only.
Select Animal to delete
Please type the Animal name to confirm
Delete the Animal and all its data
Please select an Animal to delete
Confirmation does not match Animal name. Not deleted.
Invalid Animal name. Not deleted.
Animal successfully deleted.
Some files could not be deleted, you should clean up manuallly.
====== 404 Not Found ====== The requested resource could not be found. DokuWiki markup allowed
====== Wiki Not Found ====== The requested Wiki could not be found. Please refer to the list of available Wikis below. DokuWiki markup allowed
Comma-separated list of plugins which are deactivated by default in new animals.
Automatically disable plugins after they have been newly installed in the farmer? (only when installed via extension manager)
Here the basic behavior of the farm is configured. Please be aware that changing options here will affect all animals. DokuWiki markup allowed
===== Farm Configuration ===== All settings made here are saved to the Farmer's ''conf/farm.ini''. ==== Base Configuration ==== The **Farmer's host name** was set automatically during the setup, but you can change it here. It will be used to detect if a request was made directly to the Farmer when using host based farms. This should be a full qualified hostname ('''' instead of just ''foo''). When using a subdomain wildcard setup you should specify the main domain in the **Base Domain** setting. Eg. if you specify '''' it is assumed an animal named ''foo'' is reachable via ''''. The base domain is only appended to animal names not containing any dots. ==== Inheritence ==== Here you can specify what configuration settings made in the farmer should be used as defaults in the animals. Animals can still override the Farmer settings in their own configuration files. When inheritance is disabled, DokuWiki's default settings are the defaults for all animals as well. ==== Non Existing Animals ==== By default, when accessing a non-existing animal no error message is shown. You can pick between different behavior here. Be sure that your Farmer's host name is set up correctly above, before switching away from the default. DokuWiki markup allowed
You can delete existing animals here. This deletes **all data, including pages and media files** of the selected animal. **This is irreversible!** DokuWiki markup allowed
This wiki is part of a farm setup. Check the details below. DokuWiki markup allowed
You can create a new animal here. DokuWiki markup allowed
===== Animal Creation ===== Animals are the independent subwikis of a Dokuwiki farm. To create a new animal a name has to be assigned. ==== Animal Names ==== For .htaccess based setups this should be a single word. For domain based setups you should provide either a full qualified domain name. If you use a wildcard subdomain setup you can also just provide the hostname part if you set a base domain in the configuration. Examples: * .htaccess based: ''foo'' for an animal accessible at ''%%!foo/%%'' * domain based: '''' for an animal accessible at ''%%'' * sub domain based: ''foo'' for an animal accessible at ''%%'' The latter two require the appropriate DNS setup! ==== Copy Animal ==== You can select an existing animal to base the new one on. All configuration, page, media and meta data will be copied to the new animal. Page and media revisions will not be copied. The title and logo image will be overwritten to make sure you can distinguish the new from the old wiki. ==== Animal Administrator ==== The Animal will be a fully functional wiki with it's own user base. You will need at least one administrative user to configure it. You can copy your current user or all users from the farmer or create a completely new user for the Animal. You can choose to not create any users. This should only be chosen when inheriting users from the Farmer was enabled in the configuration tab or you copied a different animal with existing users. DokuWiki markup allowed
You can activate or deactivate either a plugin for all animals in a single bulk operation or you can edit the plugins of a specific animal. DokuWiki markup allowed
===== Plugin Management ===== The extension manager is disabled in all Animals. Plugins can only be installed in the Farmer and only the Farmer may control what plugins are enabled or disabled in all Animals. This is done through this interface. A plugin can have three states in an Animal. It can be enabled (on) or disabled (off), or it can have the default state. The default means that the state of a Plugin was not explicitly set for an Animal. Normally the default state is on. When Animals are configured to inherit the Plugin state of the Farmer, a plugin in default state will have the same state as in the Farmer. Eg. when you disable a plugin in the Farmer it will disable the plugin for all Animals which did not have the state of this plugin explicitly set. There are three ways to manage plugins: You can either pick a single plugin and set its state to the same value in all animals or you can pick a specific animal and configure all the plugin states within that animal only. The third option allows you to see and edit the state of all plugins in all animals at once. This option may not be feasible of you have a large amount of animals. DokuWiki markup allowed
Your Wiki is not set up as a farm managed by the Farmer Plugin, yet. Please use the wizard below to enable farming. DokuWiki markup allowed
===== About Farms ===== Farms allow you to have a single DokuWiki installation (The "Farmer") that powers an arbitrary number of other wikis (The "Animals"). You install plugins and templates in the Farmer only and then make them available through to the animals. You only need to keep one wiki uptodate and all other wikis just use the same code base. After completing this setup step your current DokuWiki (the one you're looking at) will be known as the "Farmer". ===== What does this Setup do? ===== This setup wizard will do three things: - create a ''inc/preload.php'' file - create a ''conf/farm.ini'' file - optionally append to the ''.htaccess'' file The ''preload.php'' is a file that is loaded at the very beginning of loading DokuWiki. Here the farm mechanism is inititialized. The Farmer plugin will detect if the current request should access an Animal or the Farmer and reconfigure everything accordingly. The ''conf/farm.ini'' contains the basic configuration of the farm setup. Most importantly it will contain the location where all the animal's data will be stored. The ''.htaccess'' modification makes animals accessible through the //bang!// mechanism. (See below) ===== What to fill in? ===== The **Animal Directory** is where a new directory is created for each Animal you create. This directory has to be outside your current DokuWiki. You can specify a relative directory like ''../animals''. Enabling the **.htaccess** support is recommended. This feature requires Apache with mod_rewrite and .htaccess support. When enabled, your animals will be accessible under the farmer's URL using the //bang!// mechanism. Eg. if your farmer is running at ''%%'', an animal will be accessible at ''%%!animal%%''. If you do not enable this, you will have to configure your Webserver and DNS to access the animals. DokuWiki markup allowed

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