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Don't show the first header of included pages/sections
Show only the first section of included pages
Show image for first tag
Show info about included page below
Link first headline of included page
Show permalinks below included page
Show dates below included page
Show modified dates below included page
Show usernames below included page
Show comments below included page (Discussion plugin needed)
Show linkbacks below included page (Linkback Plugin needed)
Show tags below included page (Tag Plugin needed)
Show edit button
Redirect to the original page after editing the included page
Indent included pages relative to the page they get included in
Link only to the included page instead of showing the content
Use first heading of page in link even if useheading is off (only affects linkonly mode)
Do not display a link if the page does not exist (only affects linkonly mode)
Put a paragraph around the link (only affects linkonly mode)
Prevent indexing of metadata from non-public included pages
Ordering criteria of includes with multiple pages
page ID
creation date
modification date
custom order with indexmenu syntax
custom order with include syntax
Reverse the sort order of the included pages
Maximum depth of namespace includes, 0 for unlimited depth
Show or not the 'Read More' link in case of firstsection only
Print verbose debug information to the dokuwiki debuglog if the global "allowdebug" option is enabled

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