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Indexmenu Utilities
No theme repository url configured.
Connection error
Unable to create temporary folder to receive theme
Unable to receive theme
Zip creation or extraction error
theme installed successfully. The new theme is avaiable in the toolbar of the edit page or with the <code>js#theme_name option</code>.
Connection error. However you can try to upload manually your theme from <a href="">here</a>.
Theme is successfully deleted.
An error occurred during theme deleting
Plugin updates
Indexmenu does not need to be update. You have already the last release:
You can create your theme following the instructions at the <a href="">Theme Tutorial</a> page. <br />Then you could make more people happy :-) sending it to the public indexmenu repository, with the "share" button under that theme.
Indexmenu sort number:
The indexmenu plugin is not sponsored by anyone but i develop and support it for free during my spare time. If you gain something thanks to it or you want to support its development, you can consider to make a donation.
Indexmenu Wizard
Tree rendered by Javasript, you can define your own theme
The tree opens at the current namespace
Display the tree of the current wiki namespace context
Don't remember open/closed nodes during user navigation
Prevent to scrolling the tree when it does not fit its container width
Disable the toc preview feature
By title
By date
By meta tag
Sort also namespaces
Sort headpage up
Reverse the sorting of pages
Show only pages
Show only namespaces
How many levels to render with ajax when a node is opened. Additional are how many sublevels below that level are retrieved with AJAX instead of in one go.
How many levels to render in the client browser when a node is opened
Self defined cookie id for this indexmenu
Insert indexmenu
Meta number for sorting
Insert metanumber
Toc preview
Edit mode
Insert as DWlink
Insert the link of this page in the edit box at cursor position
Search ...
Search for pages within this namespace
Create a new headpage under this page
Start page
Create a new start page under this page
Custom page...
Create a new page (input the name via popup) under this page
Purge cache
Export as HTML
Export as text
Headpage here
Create a new headpage inside this namespace
New page...
Create a new page (input the name via popup) inside this namespace
New page here
Insert keyword(s) to search for within this namespace
Insert the pagename to create
Check periodically for updates.
Allow indexmenu syntax only to admins.<br>Note that a page edited by a no-admin user will lost every contained indexmenu tree.
Optimize the indexmenu cache for acl (works only for root requested namespaces).<br>The choice of the method affects only the visualization of nodes on the indexmenu tree, not the page authorizations.<ul><li>None: Standard. It is the faster method and it does not create further cache files, but the nodes with denied permission could be showed to no-authorized users or viceversa. Recommended when you don't deny pages access by acl or you don't care how the tree is displayed.<li>User: Per-User login. Slower method and it creates a lot of cache files, but it always hides correctly denied pages. Recommended when you have page acls that depend on users login.<li>Groups: Per-groups membership. Good compromise between the previous methods, but in case that you deny the read acl to a user which belongs to a group with a read acl auth, then he could anyway displays that nodes in the tree. Recommended when your whole site acls depend on groups membership.</ul>
Headpage method: the page from which retrive the title and link of a namespace.<br>Can be any of this value:<ul><li>The global start page.<li>A page with the namespace name and that is inside it.<li>A page with the namespace name and that is at its same level.<li>A custom name page.<li>A comma separated list of page names.</ul>
Hide headpages.
The page that will replace the main dokuwiki index. Create it and insert the indexmenu syntax. Use <code>id#random</code> if you already have an indexmenu sidebar with navbar option. My suggestion is <code>{{indexmenu>..|js navbar nocookie id#random}}</code>.
Message to show when tree is empty. Use the Dokuwiki syntax, not the html code. The <code>{{ns}}</code> variable is a shortcut for the requested namespace.
Namespaces id to skip. Use the Regular Expression format. Example: <code>/(sidebars|private:myns)/</code>
Pages id to skip. Use the Regular Expression format. Example <code>/(:start$|^public:newstart$)/</code>
Show to admins the indexmenu sort number as top of page note
Download js themes from this http url.
Let others download themes from you site.
List of indexmenu options separated by spaces. These options will be applied by default to every indexmenu and can be undone with a reverse command in the plugin syntax

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