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====== Access Denied ====== Your IP address is currently not allowed to access this wiki. This may be because you abused the service, spammed the wiki or behaved otherwise wrongly. If you did nothing wrong you might be the innocent victim of someone else's misbehavior who had your IP before. If this is the case you should contact the wiki administrator and ask for lifting the ban. DokuWiki markup allowed
====== IP Address based Access Bans ====== This plugin allows you to ban certain users based on their IP address. Users accessing the wiki from a banned IP will only see an error message telling them about the ban and the explanation you gave. DokuWiki markup allowed
IP Ban Manager
IP Address
Banned by
Add new ban
The given IP range is not valid and has not been added.
Access Denied
Your IP (%s) was banned on %s for the following reason:<br /><i>%s</i>

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