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English English
Send linkbacks for external links
Use the following URL for manually sending trackbacks:
Report Ham
Report Spam
New linkback
Older linkbacks
Newer linkbacks
Moderate Linkbacks
Enable pingbacks.
Enable trackbacks.
Order in which to try to send linkbacks.
How many kilobytes to fetch from linked page for autodiscovery.
Allow non-registered users to send linkbacks.
Namespaces where the sending of linkbacks should be enabled by default (comma-separated list, * enables linkbacks by default everywhere).
Also ping internal links e.g. for crossreferencing former blog entries.
Show trackback URL on enabled sites.
Log processing of incoming linkbacks (Log will be called linkback.log and be located in the cache-dir).
Retrieve favicon for incoming linkbacks and display it.
URL of favicon to use if pinging page does not have one.
Enable linkcount antispam measure.
If allowed linkcount exceeds, moderate linkback instead of deleting it.
Maximum number of links to allow in excerpt without taking action.
Enable wordblock antispam measure.
If linkback contains blacklisted words, moderate linkback instead of deleting it.
Enable host antispam measure.
If hostname of sending site and remote address of the connection do not match, moderate linkback instead of deleting it.
Enable link antispam measure.
If sending site does not contain a link to us, moderate linkback instead of deleting it.
Enable Akismet antispam measure.
The <a href="">Akismet API Key</a>. The plugin will not work without!
If Akismet classifies linkback as spam, moderate it instead of deleting it.
Hello! A new linkback was added to the page @PAGE@ in the @TITLE@ wiki. This page can be found here: @PAGEURL@ Date: @DATE@ URL: @URL@ Excerpt: -------------------------------------------------------- @TEXT@ -------------------------------------------------------- To unsubscribe from this page log into the wiki and then click this link: @UNSUBSCRIBE@ -- This mail was generated by DokuWiki at @DOKUWIKIURL@ DokuWiki markup allowed

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