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====== Template Manager ====== This page allows you to specify different templates for different pages/namespaces in your wiki. Please note, a user selecting a template via the optional template switcher might have precedence over these rules (depending on the ''preferUserChoice'' config setting). The page check is recursive, that means, if you specify a different template for a wiki page ''wiki'' all other pages inside the ''wiki:'' namespace will use this template as well. DokuWiki markup allowed
Namespace/page pattern
LoadSkin Template Manager
Switch template
Full version
Mobile version
Automatically output the template switcher on every page?
Exclude templates from template switcher (comma-separated list)
Show mobile template switcher (with only 1 normal and 1 mobile template)?
Mobile template (if showing mobile template switcher)
Prefer user's template choice over admin's choice?
Inherit template choice per namespace inside a language namespace (when using the translation plugin)?
Allow template choice to persist in admin section?

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