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English English
Move pages and namespaces
(move pending)
Alternatively to this simple form you can manage complex restructuring of your wiki using the <a href="%s">tree-based move manager</a>.
The page %s does not exist
You have insufficient permissions to edit %s.
The page %s is locked. Try again later.
No new destination given for page %s (location unchanged).
Page %s can't be moved to %s, the target already exists.
You don't have the permission to create the page %s.
The media file %s does not exist
You have insufficient permissions to delete %s.
No new destination given for page %s (location unchanged).
Media %s can't be moved to %s, the target already exists.
You don't have the permission to create the media file %s.
Extension of the new file is not the same as the original.
Error while updating the search index %s
The meta files of page %s couldn't be moved
The attic files of page %s couldn't be moved. Please move them manually.
The meta files of the media file %s couldn't be moved
Moving the media file %s failed
The attic files of media file %s couldn't be moved. Please move them manually.
Page name changed from %s to %s
Page moved from %s to %s
Page moved and renamed from %s to %s
Deleted by move plugin
Links adapted because of a move operation
The move operation has not been started, yet!
Preview changes to be executed.
A previous move was not completed - use the buttons below to continue or abort the execution.
Retry item
Skip item
Move current page or namespace
Move page
Move namespace
New name:
Content to move:
Ignore errors and skip pages or files that can't be moved
Rewrite links right after the move completed
Media files
Pages and media files
No new name given
There were no moves defined
Rename Page
The page can't be renamed right now. Please try later.
You are not allowed to rename pages or media.
New name:
renaming page and adjusting links...
Move operation finished.
Rename this item
Create a new namespace
Sorry, "%s" already exists in this namespace.
Move file
Enter new file destination. You may change the namespace but not the file extension.
[Root namespace]
This feature requires JavaScript
There is another move operation in progress currently, you can't use this tool right now.
====== Move ====== This plugin allows you to move and/or rename the current page or move and/or rename the current namespace within the following restrictions: * You must have edit permission for the current page/all pages in the current namespace. * The pages that are moved must not be locked for editing. * For moving a page you also need create permission in the target namespace. * You cannot move a page to a namespace where a page with the same name already exists. All links to and from the pages that are moved will be updated to reflect the new location and/or name. DokuWiki markup allowed
====== Move in Progress... ====== Please keep this page open while the move progresses. DokuWiki markup allowed
Allow renaming of pages and media to these groups and users (comma separated).
Mark link adjustments as minor? Minor changes will not be listed in RSS feeds and subscription mails.
Enable automatic skipping of errors in namespace moves by default.
Enable automatic link rewriting after namespace moves by default.
Add renaming button to pagetools
====== Move Manager ===== This interface allows you to rearrange your wiki's namespaces, pages and media files via Drag'n'Drop. In order to move many namespaces, pages or media files to the same destination, you can use the checkboxes as follows: * check the namespaces, pages or media files you want to move; * move one of the checked items to the desired destination, all selected items will be moved to this destination. DokuWiki markup allowed

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