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News plugin administration
Delete Selections
Review Deletions
Confirm Deletions
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Generate Feed
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Confirm Subfeed
Select Subfeed
You do not have permission to create or update news feeds.
<p><h3>Help</h3>To delete a feed, check the "Delete" checkbox beside the feed name. Then click the "Delete Selections" button at the top of the screen. You can delete multiple feeds in a single delete operation by checking more than one checkbox. The table listing the feeds will be updated to reflect the deletions but deletions will not be final until you click the "Confirm Deletions" button, at which point the database will be updated. Clicking "Restore" before Confirming will reset the table to its original state.</p> <p> A deletion only affects the current state of the database. You must also remove the plugin syntax from the pages which generated the feed. If the plugin syntax remains on a page, the feed from that page will be regenerated the next time the Dokuwiki cache is updated. </p> <p> If your site allows more than one feed, they are referred to here as "subfeeds". If you want to modify and/or generate a subfeed, select the subfeed by its title from the "Select Subfeed" drop-down menu and then click the "Confirm Subfeed" button. Then proceed as described above. </p>
Number of minutes after which news feed should be regenerated. The default is 720 (12 hours).
News Feed Title
News Feed Description
Site URL. Needed if you are using lib/exe/newfeed.php from the command line.
Name of group which has permission to create newsfeeds
Check this box if only adminstrators and managers can create feeds.
Use the news plugin's permission system. For details see the plugin page at
When revising a feed entry, retain the original file creation date as the publication date, instead of the date of revision

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