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English English
The number at which you want to start your count
Character to pad the number with, if the number is smaller than the minimum number of digits desired for the number
The minimum number of digits in the number string. This does not control the size of the number itself, which can outgrow the padded size
If set to true the date will be printed with the number
This sets the date format for strftime, which can include Dokuwiki format specifiers for bold, italic, etc. The default uses italics.
This is a string which is used to format the returned value, where %d represents the date , %n the number, %i&lt;n&gt; image number n, and %R a text selection from the editor. Like the date style this can also take format specifiers.<br /> For instance: ** Date: %d Number: %n **
Comma separated list of images located in data/media, e.g <b>:image.png,:wiki:other_image.png, . . .</b> These will be inserted into the format string in the order in which they are listed at positions %i1. . . %i&lt;n&gt;
If set to true, the plugin will attempt to insert images into the format string
For use with bureaucracy plugin. Comma separated list of numeric fields which require unique sequential numbers. See <a href="">forum</a>.
Use individual counts for each separate bureaucracy number field specified in the <code>bureaucracy</code> option.

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