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Slovak translation

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English Slovak
Overwrite all DokuWiki user groups by those supplied by provider
This email is already associated with another user.
Log in with other Services:
The account associated with your email address has not enabled logging in with %s. Please login by other means and enable it in your profile.
The oAuth plugin has been malconfigured. Defaulting to local authentication only. Please contact your wiki administrator.
Log in with
Invalid eMail-Account used. Only email accounts from the following domain(s) are allowed: %s!
Only email accounts from the following domain(s) are allowed: %s
%s service did not provide the an email address. Can't log you in.
Self-Registration is currently disabled or conf/users.auth.php is not writable. Please ask your DokuWiki administrator to create your account manually.
Your (re)login has failed.
Something went wrong creating your user account. Please try again later.
Redirect URI to use when configuring the applications
Use the following custom redirect URI
Limit authentification to users from this domain (optional, must start with an <code>@</code>)
Login with single oAuth service only (disables local logins!)
Allow all services
Register authenticated users even if self-registration is disabled in main configuration

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