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English English
Export page to Open Document format
ODT export
ODT=>PDF export
ERROR : the ODT template "%s" was not found in the templates directory "%s". The export has been aborted.
Table of Contents
Chapter Index
A Table of Contents will be inserted here.
A Chapter Index will be inserted here.
Please remember to update the Table Of Contents after export.
Please remember to update the Chapter Index after export.
Please provide a title.
Please provide an existing namespace.
You don't have pages selected yet.
You have no access to these pages: %s.<br/><br/>Use option 'Skip Forbidden Pages' to create your book with the available pages.
====== An error occured during conversion of the ODT document: ====== Executed command line: <code>%command%</code> Error code: %errorcode% Error message: <code>%errormessage%</code> [[%pageid%|Back to previous page]]
====== An error occured during initialization of the ODT document: ====== Is your DokuWiki version compatible to the ODT plugin? Since release 2017-02-11 the ODT plugin requires DokuWiki release “Detritus” or newer! For detailed requirements information please see the [[|Requirements section]] of the ODT plugin page at (Your DokuWiki release is %DWVERSION%)
Sub-directory for the templates in the media manager
In case of multiple definitions of template, templatepage, css_template, or odt_template, the first will be used. (The value false will apply the last definition, instead.) Needs the usecounter plugin!
Template for style import (ODT or CSS file)
Display ODT Export Button
Apply imported CSS to ODT styles?
Which @media selector shall be used to query CSS properties?
CSS base font size (defining 1em)
Which template should be used for formatting the ODT files?
Apply CSS font size to ODT template and plugin default styles?
Twips per pixel (X axis)
Twips per pixel (Y axis)
Page format
Page orientation
Page margin top in cm
Page margin right in cm
Page margin bottom in cm
Page margin left in cm
Disable link creation?
Maximum depth of the table of contents
Leader sign for the table of contents
Table of contents: Indentation per level in cm
Insert a pagebreak after the table of contents?
Text style for table of contents
Display placeholder for table of contents/index in the browser?
Outline style
Command to run for PDF conversion

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