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Portuguese translation

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English Portuguese
Your password needs to be at least %d characters long.
Your password needs to use characters from at least %d of the following types: %s.
Your password may only use %d or less consecutive characters that appear in your username.
Your password may not be one of the 10,000 most commonly used passwords.
, policy not met
Mimimal length for user passwords
Character types to use in passwords
Minimal number of different character types that have to be used in passwords. May not be higher than the number of selected types above
Check if password matches against the user's name. 0 to disable. 1 for exact matches. Any other number for the number of consecutive characters that may be contained in both password and username
Check password against a list of the 10,000 most common passwords.
Minimal number of bits of information to generate passwords. The higher, the more secure but harder to remember. Minimum: 24.
multi word pass phrase
You have to use a stronger password.
Your password may not contain your username.
very weak
How to generate passwords?
random password
pronouncable password
lower case letters
upper case letters
special chars (eg. !, $, #, %)

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