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====Info==== If you are satisfied that you want to delete the listed items from the data file, click on the ''Confirm deletions'' button. The ''age column'' is the length of time that the entry has been in the datafile. Only those entries which are greater than the ''list_age'' setting are listed here. You can change the ''list_age'' setting in the Configuration Manager. Dokuwiki saves it files as readable by all. The ''Secure data file'' button will change that so that the data file can be read only by the web server, if your web server supports this feature. DokuWiki markup allowed
This confirmation id is no longer valid. The user may already have been created.
Invalid email address:
userid is already in use:
Your Selections do not match the cards; please try again.
An email with a confirmation link has been sent to your email address. Either click on that link or paste it into your browser. You will then be registered and will receive your password.
A problem occurred in sending your confirmation link to your email address. You might try again later.
Click on the above link to confirm your registration. You will then be sent an email with your password.
Either click on this link or paste it into your browser to complete your registration:
Confirmation Link from:
Clean Preregister Confirm List
Confirm deletions
Secure data file
invalid input detected!
Check off the matching cards
CAPTCHA. Choices are 'none', 'builtin', and 'captcha plugin', If 'captcha plugin' is selected then it must be installed; if it is not found the builtin will be substituted.
Send confirmation link to email address. If set to false, the link will be printed to the screen.
Length of time to save confirmation entries which have not been activated. Default is two days (2*24*60*60). Deletions are made using the plugin's admin panel.

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