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English English
The <a href="%s">most recent version</a> of this page is a draft.
This version is <em>outdated</em> by a <a href="%s">newer approved version</a>.
This version (%s) is a <em>draft</em>.
This version (%s) was <em>approved</em> by %s.
The <a href="%s">Previously approved version</a> (%s) is available.
No documents pending approval
Previous Approval
By %s on <a href="%s">%s</a>
You have not the right permissions to approve this page.
You cannot approve a non-existing revision.
You have approved the document.
Cannot approve due some technical errors (permissions?)
Approvals: %s/%s
Approved by: %s
Approve document
One of email adresses entered for change notifications from the publish plugin is invalid: %s
new suggestion
suggestion approved
Approve namespace
Hi @FULLNAME@! Your suggestion for @TITLE@ at @DOKUWIKIURL@ URL: @URL@ is approved. -- This mail was generated by DokuWiki at @DOKUWIKIURL@ DokuWiki markup allowed
There is a new suggestion in your DokuWiki. Here are the details: Date : @DATE@ Browser : @BROWSER@ IP-Address : @IPADDRESS@ Hostname : @HOSTNAME@ @APRPRE@ Revision: @OLDPAGE@ New Revision : @NEWPAGE@ Edit Summary : @SUMMARY@ User : @USER@ @DIFF@ Please review the changes and approve the revision at @NEWPAGE@ or give feedback to @USER@. -- This mail was generated by DokuWiki at @DOKUWIKIURL@ DokuWiki markup allowed
Namespaces this plugin applies to (space separated list).
Namespaces this plugin <strong>does not</strong> apply to (space separated list).
Number of users needed to approve a page.
Hide banner to read only users
Hide drafts to read only users
Hide banner on approved pages
Groups that can see drafts (separate by blank)
Note on unapproved pages
Delete attic on first approve
Send an email when a page has been approved?
Default change-email receiver. Set this to send an email when a page is changed
Default approved marker

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