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====== SearchIndex Manager ====== This page allows you to update or rebuild the index used by the full-text search. This is generally not needed as the index builds and updates itself as users browse your wiki. However if you just upgraded, added or removed a lot of files it may be a good idea to clean up the index. Rebuilding the index **can take a long time**. You should leave the page open until the indexing has finished. //NOTE: This manager needs a recent browser as it makes use of modern JavaScript to carry out multiple tasks in the background (using [[wp>AJAX]]).// DokuWiki markup allowed
Searchindex Manager
Update Index
Just update the search index (usually quicker)
Rebuild Index
Clear then completely rebuild the search index
Finished indexing.
%d pages found.
Clearing index...
Finding pages...
Skipped: Up-to-date

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