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This selects the platforms on which you want to implement section toggling: none,mobile, all. With <b>all</b>, you will get section toggling on standard desktop systems. <b>Mobile</b> includes phones and tablets with reduced screen dimensions.
To use a template other than the standard dokuwiki template, you must indicate whether the div which encloses the affected headers is to be identified by either a class or an id. Then below, you must enter the name of the class or id.
Name of the class or id which identifies the enclosing div.
Smallest header to activate as toggle. All headers between <b>h1</b> and this setting will be toggles. The default is <b>h4</b>.
If set to true the plugin will be inactivated and no toggles will be set.
Check off any headers that should not be converted to toggles.
An alternate template installed for phones, in case your preferred template does not support phones.
Use the alternate template for tablets
Use toggles on tablets as well as phones
Comma separated list of namespaces to be excluded from toggles, without initial or final colons(i.e. <code>&nbsp;name:space&nbsp;</code>, not<code>&nbsp;:name:space:&nbsp;</code>)
Comma separated list of page ids to be excluded from toggles (without initial colons (i.e <code>&nbsp;page:id &nbsp;</code>, not<code>&nbsp;:page:id&nbsp;</code> )
Comma separated list of page ids where toggles should appear (without initial colons). Takes precedence over page and namespace exclusions.
Comma separated list of namespace ids where toggles should appear (without initial or final colons). Takes precedence over page and namespace exclusions and <code>xcl_pg</code>.
List of header texts, separated by double semi-colons, where toggles should stay open when the page loads, i.e. <br /><code><b>header-text;;header-text;;. . .</b></code>
Prevent TOC from toggling headers
Start page with all toggles open.

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