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====== SMTP Testing ====== This page allows you to trigger sending a test mail in DokuWiki. You can use it to check if you configured the SMTP plugin correctly. Give recipient's email addresses in the form below. DokuWiki markup allowed
Check SMTP configuration
You did not configure the 'mailfrom' option. Sending mails will probably fail.
Your outgoing SMTP server.
The port your SMTP server listens on. Usually 25. 465 for SSL.
What kind of encryption is used when communicating with your SMTP Server?
If authentication is required, put your user name here.
Password for the above user.
The name to be used during HELO phase of SMTP. Should be the FQDN of the webserver DokuWiki is running on. Leave empty for autodetection.
Print a full error log when sending fails? Disable when everything works!

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