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English English
This tool should reconcile any differences between the metafiles, the pages, and the database. It compares the snippets found in the page files against the snippets logged in their metafiles, and then updates the metafiles to reflect the contents of the pages. It also updates the database which holds two lists: - pages which have snippets and which snippets - snippets and the pages they are embedded in DokuWiki markup allowed
Make selection updatable
Keep window open on selection
User Macros & replacements
Restore is not available when updating snippets to Old Revisions
Insert Templates
Insert Templates
Snippets (Template Manager)
Remove unused snippet entries and page ids from database
Refresh snippets database
Hide Updates Table
Click to update
It contains one or more snippets which may be outdated.
Any outdated snippets have already been inserted.
Replace outdated snippets in this Old Revision?
Update Snippets metadata
Start Clean-up
snippets logged for
Snippets currently in page:
Found in metafile:
Removing from the database:
Updating Metafile
Updated snippets entry:
Nothing left to do
Wiki page to generate template list from (must contain an unordered list)
Make updatable snippets the default mode
Insert current version of snippet into old revisions
Replace user defined macros
Replace underscores with spaces in replacements for page titles
Remove macros which have no substitution values.
A user-defined default macro string for the <b>User Macros & replacements</b> textbox.

Info You don't need to hit the “Submit Translation” button before using the pagination.