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====== Schema Assignments ====== Here you can define patterns to automatically assign schemas to pages. Whenever a page matches one of the patterns here, the appropiate schemas will be shown. * Namespaces excluding subnamespaces are assigned as ''<nowiki>namespace:*</nowiki>''. * Namespaces including subnamespaces are assigned as ''<nowiki>namespace:**</nowiki>''. * Pages as usual with their full page ID. * Regular Expressions starting and ending with ''/'' - they are matched against a '':'' prefixed full page id. DokuWiki markup allowed
**WARNING:** This will clear **all** data that has ever been saved for this schema! There is no going back! DokuWiki markup allowed
**WARNING:** Deleting a schema will delete the schema definition and **all** data that has ever been saved for this schema. There is no going back! DokuWiki markup allowed
====== Struct Schema Editor ====== Add or modify fields of the schema here. Field names have to be unique. It is recommended to use short identifiers that unlikely change later as they will be used to reference the fields in aggregations later. Use the translation labels in the field's configuration for more human readable names. The type of a field defines what kind of data can be stored in the field and influences how it will be displayed later. Each type has its own specific configuration options. Please refer to the [[doku>plugin:struct:type|documentation]] to learn more. DokuWiki markup allowed
====== Struct Schema Editor ====== Schemas are the core of the Struct Plugin. A schema defines a template of structured data that shall be assigned to pages later. Pick an existing schema from the Table of Contents or a create a new one. DokuWiki markup allowed
Struct Schema Editor
Struct Schema Assignments
Structured Data
Page Schema:
Lookup Schema:
Editing schema <i>%s</i>
This internal schema is not editable.
Create new Schema
Schema Name:
Please note: schemas can not be renamed later
Row #
Last Updated
Last Editor
Last Summary
Struct data changed
Export Schema as JSON
Import a Schema from JSON
Warning: this will overwrite already defined fields!
Enter schema name to confirm deletion
Schema names did not match. Schema not deleted
Schema has been deleted
Do you really want to delete the assignment of schema "{0}" to page/namespace "{1}"?
Delete Entry
Enter schema name to confirm clearing all data
Schema names did not match. Data not deleted
Data of schema has been deleted
Edit Schema
Field Name
Comma separated list of users and @groups who may edit this schema's data (empty for all):
Enter multiple values separated by commas.
Hold CTRL or CMD to select multiple values.
Label <code>%s</code> already exists in schema, second occurance was renamed to <code>%s</code>.
Struct data has not been saved for an empty page
Field [%s]:
only decimals are allowed
has to be equal or greater than %d
has to be equal or less than %d
has to be an existing user. User '%s' was not found.
MIME type %s has to match the allowed set of %s
%s is not a valid URL
%s is not a valid email address
must be of format YYYY-MM-DD
must be of format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM
must not lie in the future
must not lie in the past
must be of format #RRGGBB
The option '<code>%s</code>' is invalid for this aggregation type.
There have been no schemas given to load columns from
No column name given
You can not aggregate more than one Lookup or mix it with Page data
No data saved
The struct plugin requires the sqlite plugin. Please install and enable it.
There is no column %s in schema %s.
The filter: '<code>$Date(%s)$</code>' contains an unsupported value.
Filters are not supported for struct clouds.
Sort by this column
Next page
Previous page
Nothing found
CSV Export
Export raw data to a CSV file
Export data of type
Import raw data from a CSV file
Import data of type
CSV file imported
Please refer to the manual on CSV Import for format details.
Filtered by %s
Show all (remove filter/sort)
is less than
is greater than
is less than or euqals
is greater than or equals
does not equal
does not equal
is not like
is like
Schema %s does not exist!
You can't use the Lookup Editor on a page schema!
Create new Entry
The entry has been stored. <a href="%s">Add another entry</a>.
Aggregation filters
Apply filters
Display data at the bottom of the page
Display data at the top of the page
Disable delete button for serial data
Show the default text when no results are returned for struct value syntax

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