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====== Wiki Synchronization ====== This tool allows you to synchronize the contents of your wiki with other wikis. Multiple other wikis can be setup using synchronization profiles. Synchronization can be restricted to certain namespaces. DokuWiki markup allowed
Synchronize Wikis
Start Synchronization
Last Synchronization:
Remote Wiki Version:
Failed to talk to remote wiki. Make sure the remote wiki allows XMLRPC requests and that you set up the endpoint URL correctly.
Failed to login at remote wiki. Make sure supplied credentials are valid at the remote wiki.
The remote wiki XMLRPC API version is too old. You need to upgrade the remote wiki to use the sync plugin.
This profile was never synced before.
Sync Profile
New Profile...
Create new Sync Profile
Edit Sync Profile
Delete Sync Profile
Sync Depth
All sub namespaces
No sub namespaces
Namespace + 1 sub namespace
Namespace + 2 sub namespaces
What to sync
Pages only
Media files
Resaving this profile will reset the sync times. You will need to manually choose the sync directions for all files on the next sync.
couldn't lock and will skip:
pull failed:
pull succeded:
local delete succeeded:
local delete failed:
push failed:
push succeded:
remote delete succeeded:
remote delete failed:
Page or Media File
Local Wiki
Remote Wiki
Push local revision to remote wiki.
Delete revision at the remote wiki.
Pull remote revision to local wiki.
Delete local revision.
Skip this file and keep both revisions as is.
Synchronization finished.
====== Files to Synchronize ====== A list of files that differ between your local and the remote wiki is shown below. You need to decide which revisions you want to keep. DokuWiki markup allowed
====== Wikis are in Sync ====== There were no differences found between your local wiki and the remote wiki. No need to synchronize. DokuWiki markup allowed
====== Synchronization... ====== The synchronization process has been initiated. Check the progress below. DokuWiki markup allowed

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