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German translation

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===== Clean up tag database ===== Here you can delete all invalid taggings (tags pointing to nonexistent pages). No valid taggings will be removed. DokuWiki markup allowed
====== View and change Tags ====== This page lists all the used tags in your wiki. You can filter and sort the list and use the actions to rename or delete a tag. Click a tag to see a list of pages where it used. DokuWiki markup allowed
View and Change Tags
Tag name
Tagged nonexistent page
Saved by
Find Tag
New name
Rename tag
Filter by namespace
Please enter the current and the new tag name
The tag name you entered does not exist.
Your tag has been renamed
Delete Selected
You have deleted %d tags on %d pages
Sort ascending
Sort descending
No invalid tags found.
Irrevocably delete all invalid taggings
Tag Admin
Error. Only admins can modify tags.
Pages tagged
Matching tags
Tag search: any
Tag search: all
Tag filter
No tags, yet
No pages with this tag, yet
Change the tag
Tagged pages
Warning: Changes will be applied to ALL tags, regardless of table filters!
Are you sure?
Please enter the new tag name. You can provide multiple comma separated tags to split the tag into multiple.
nothing found
Could not find any page tagged with %s
Maximum tags to show in in-pgae tag clouds. Set 0 for all matching tags
Enable single user moder, eg. all tags can be edited by anyone.
Tags with this prefix will not be shown to read-only users
Hide the amespace column in overview tables

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