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This panel enables you to add and delete macros and their replacement texts, and to edit them after they have been saved. A macro name can contain letters, numbers, underscores, hyphens and periods. For example: ''Macro_one.txt''. The replacement texts can accept HTML and can be of any length. You can add up to six macros at a time. The sixth is a text area which will allow for extended texts. Enter the macro name in the **Macro** column and the texts which they represent in the **Substitution** column. Deletions are unlimited; check off the box(es) next the macro(s) to be deleted and click the **Delete** button at the bottom of the screen. Editing is done through the Edit screen, where you are presented with all your macros. You can edit the texts of any number of macros. The macro list will not refresh until after you have submitted your edits, additions, or deletions by clicking the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen. DokuWiki markup allowed
TextInsert Macro Replacement Plugin
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macro was not found in the macros database
Accept standard macro replacements as used in namespace templates
If this is a farm and you and would like each animal to have its own macro database, please select this option; otherwise all animals will share the same (i.e. the farmer's) database.

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