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Swedish translation

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English Swedish
Mark text as ToDo
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ToDo checked
ToDo unchecked
Allow actions to also link to pages with the same name?
What namespace should your actions be created in (".:" = Current NS, Blank = Root NS)
Should the actions have strikethrough applied when checked?
If AllowLinks is disabled, should clicking the actions' text mark the action complete?
(Default value for option "checkbox") Should the CheckBox be rendered in a list view?
(Default value for option "header") How should the header of a list be named? As "id" or as the first header of the page "firstheader" or no header at all "none".
(Default value for option "username") How should the name of the assigned user be rendered? As "username", full name "real" oder not at all "none"
(Default value for option "showdate") Should the Start/Due-date be rendered in tag definition view?
(Default value for option "showdate") Should the Start/Due-date be rendered in list view?

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