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Translations of this page
This translation is older than the <a href="%s" class="wikilink1">original page</a> and might be outdated.
See what has <a href="%s" class="wikilink1">changed</a>.
The contents of this page's translation in %s have been pre-loaded for easy translation.<br />But you can base your translation on the following existing translations: %s.
outdated and missing translations
Space separated list of translation languages (ISO codes).
If you only want translations below a certain namespace, put it here.
When the pagename matches this regular expression, don't show the translation menu.
Use a dropdown list to display the translations (recommended for more than 5 languages).
Should the language of the user interface be switched in foreign language namespaces, too?
Should the start page automatically redirect into a language namespace using browser language detection?
Enter a pagename here where the translation feature is explained for your users. It will be linked from the language selector.
Use localized versions of about page (instead of one global about page).
Warn about possibly outdated translations.
Select what you'd like to have shown in the language selector. Note that using country flags for language selection is not recommended by usability experts.
Copy original language text into the editor when starting a new translation?
Show path on the missing translation page?
FIXME **This page is not fully translated, yet. Please help completing the translation.**\\ //(remove this paragraph once the translation is finished)// DokuWiki markup allowed

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