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English English
Your Wiki has been updated. Should you encounter any problems, be sure all your plugins are up-to-date and compatible with the new version. The [[|user forum]] might have some hints for you. If you enjoy DokuWiki and this plugin, please consider a [[doku>donate|donation]] to support the development of this and other plugins. Also check out our various [[doku>social|social network presences]] to stay informed about new developments. Now please enjoy [[:|your new DokuWiki]]! :-) DokuWiki markup allowed
Wiki Upgrade
New DokuWiki releases need at least PHP %s, but you're running %s. You should upgrade your PHP version before upgrading!
Could not determine the newest version of DokuWiki.
DokuWiki <b>%s</b> is available for download.
You're currently running DokuWiki <b>%s</b>.
It's not clear how old your currently running version is, manual upgrade is recommended.
It seems your current DokuWiki is even newer than the latest stable release. Upgrade not recommended.
Your current DokuWiki is already up to date. No need for upgrading.
There is a newer upgrade plugin available (%s) you should update the plugin before continuing.
Your PHP seems not to support SSL streams, downloading the needed data will most likely fail. Upgrade manually instead.
Downloading archive from %s...
Download failed.
Download completed (%s).
Unpacking archive...
Unpacking failed.
Unpacking completed.
DokuWiki <b>%s</b> is ready to install (You're currently running <b>%s</b>).
Checking file permissions...
All files are writable. Ready to upgrade.
Some files aren't writable. Automatic upgrade not possible.
Updating files...
All files updated.
Uh-Oh. Something went wrong. Better check manually.
<code>%s</code> is not writable!
<code>%s</code> will be updated.
Could not remove existing file <code>%s</code> before overwriting!
Could not create directory <code>%s</code>!
updated <code>%s</code>
Deprecated <code>%s</code> deleted.
Could not delete deprecated <code>%s</code>. <b>Please delete manually!</b>
Case mismatch for deprecated file <code>%s</code>. Please check manually if file should really be deleted.
Upgrade completed. Enjoy your new DokuWiki
Errors above! You should <b>not</b> continue!
This plugin will automatically upgrade your wiki to the newest available DokuWiki version. Before continuing, you should read the [[doku>changes|Changelog]] to check if there are any additional steps for you to perform before or after upgrading. To allow automatic upgrading, the PHP process requires write permissions for Dokuwiki files. The plugin will check for the necessary file permissions before starting the upgrade process. This plugin will not upgrade any installed plugins or templates. We recommend that you create a backup of your wiki before continuing. DokuWiki markup allowed

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