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Swedish translation

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English Swedish
Remove Translation Root
Starting page for merger:
Insert Siteexporter
Export Page to HTML/PDF
====== Site Export Manager ====== This page allows you to export your whole site into any format that you have a renderer for. DokuWiki markup allowed
Site Export
Export Absolute Paths
PDF Export
Numbered Headings
Export Template
Export Body only
Export all parameters (e.g. "do")
Disable cache for current request
Enter your starting Namespace
Select your Options
Select one of the Help Creation Options (optional)
Create Eclipse Help
Create Java Help
Use TOC file in Namespace
Empty Namespaces in TOC
Start Process
Direct Download Link
wget Download URL
curl Download URL
Set Namespace
Parent Namespace to export
Default Language for multi-language namespaces
Disable (JS/CSS) Plugins while export
Export Type
this page only
all sub namespaces
specified depth
Render Engine
Export Linked Pages
Custom Options
You can add further custom options that will be considered while exporting
add Option
Table of Contents
Download as PDF
Use these options and insert {{siteAggregator}} element
No pages have been found for aggregation.
Creating document
Starting Download
Finished Download
Finished but download failed.
====== Site Export Manager ====== Configure a ''%%{{siteAGGREGATOR}}%%'' element with these options. When done, press the button at the end of the page and the options will be put into the page. DokuWiki markup allowed
Default Export Depth
Try to export non-public pages
Wiki Path and name for exported ZIP file
Pattern to exclude resources
Maximum script execution time
Cache time for export
Allow all users to export pages
Ignore non-200 status during export
Do not interrupt export with errors
Debug File
Debug Level
Allows setting of different headers and footer on odd/even pages. TOCs will always start on odd pages.
Username for non-public pages
Password for non-public pages

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