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fckg plugins list
Group allowed to disable lock timer (deprecated)
FCK Preview Group
Display Toolbar to Guests
Guest Can Link to Media Files
Guest Can Upload
Comma delimited list of Immutable Syntax plugins. Their names should be exactly as appears in the list of Currently Installed Plugins as found on the fckg adminstration panel's plugin list.
Default file-browing access. With none, acl does not apply.
Open File Browsing. This gives user access to entire directory structure, whether or not the user has permissions. ACL still applies to uploads.
Controls which users have access to the "DW Edit" button. Choices: "all" for all users; "admin" for admin and managers only; "none" for no one. Defaults to "all".
Display smileys as text in FCKeditor (will still display as image in browser)
Save backup to meta/<namespace>.fckg
Enable folder creation button in file browser (y/n)
Comma separated list of namespaces where FckgLite automatically switches over to the native DokuWiki Editor.
Default (box not checked) allows users with upload permission to delete media files; if box is checked, then user needs delete permission to delete from the folder.
The user login id is case insensitive, that is you can login as both USER and user
For Windows Servers (Vista and Later). This setting makes it possible to access data\media through fckg ckeditor\userfiles, if links to media and file have been successfully created in userfiles
Disable automatic creation of symbolic links in fckg/userfiles.
Set Language direction in FCKeditor: <b>nocheck</b>: fckgLite will make no changes to the default direction setting; <b>dokuwiki</b>: the current Dokuwiki language direction; <b>ltr</b>: Left-to-right ; <b>rtl</b>: Right-to-left.
Automatically enable the SCAYT spellchecker. Defaults to "on". To turn off SCAYT select "off"
Use the SCAYT spellchecker. This defaults to "on"; selecting "off" will switch to the spellerpages checker
Set SCAYT default language.
Reset URL for FCKeditor's smilies when moving to new server. This is done on a page by page basis when page is loaded for editing and saved. This option should normally be turned off.
Use the complex tables algorithm. As opposed to the standard parsing of tables, this should give better results when mixing complex arrangements of rowspans and colspans.
Set this to true if users create multiple footnotes with the same footnote texts; required to prevent notes from being corrupted.
Make Dokuwiki editor the default editor
Use direct path to media directory instead of fckeditor/userfiles. This requires that fckeditor/userfiles/ be copied to data/media and renamed .htaccess

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